The One-Of-A-Kind Packaging Successfully Driving Sustainability in The Beauty Industry

The One-Of-A-Kind Packaging Successfully Driving Sustainability in The Beauty Industry

US-based personal care packaging manufacturer, APackaging Group are driving sustainability in the beauty and packaging industries through their patented line of fully sustainable pump dispensers—The Infinity Pumps.

APackaging Group has become a leading designer and manufacturer in the cosmetics industry, creating a range of cosmetics bottles, jars, tubes, and dispensers that offer sustainable alternatives to traditional packaging. Their sustainable pump dispensers mark another milestone innovation from the packaging manufacturer who hopes to be major force pushing for a more environmentally friendly beauty industry.

As demand for sustainable beauty products ramps up from retailers and customers alike, it’s become even more important for manufacturers to meet these requirements and ‘break the norm’ when it comes to how packaging has historically been designed for beauty products.

Functional and sustainable packaging doesn’t mean compromising when it comes to design, as APackaging Group has proved. Their customers are able to choose from a range of unique styles to help their products stand out from their competitors on the shelves, which has made the manufacturer a go-to for brands such as Unilever, Estee Lauder and P&G.

The Infinity Pumps have endless capabilities as lotion pumps, foamer pumps and trigger sprays in a variety of beauty applications. The entire line has been designed without any metal construction, which is normally the key factor that prevents beauty packaging from being recycled.

Armin Arminak, EVP of R&D at APackaging Group said, “As a company, we knew that we wanted to use our experience and expertise to make a real difference to the industry. We’re so proud to be releasing new, completely recyclable, pumps to our customers as sustainability is something we really need to prioritize in our industry. We hope that these new alternatives will push other packaging manufacturers to follow suit and continue making moves to become more environmentally-friendly.”

The patented pumps, which have also been e-commerce certified to verify that they can withstand the harsh e-commerce shipping environments, can be ordered through the APackaging Group website.

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