The Online Platform Bridging the Gap Between India-Pakistan Relationships

The Online Platform Bridging the Gap Between India-Pakistan Relationships

Global Indian Series is the new content platform that’s working to bridge the gap between religious tensions and India-Pakistan relationships by opening dialogue about the countries’ joint human experiences and highlighting their shared ancestry.

After launching the platform, the Global Indian Series has achieved a genuine breakthrough in the way Indian and Pakistani communities are relating to each other. Through thoughtful content, in-depth discussions and a focus on the human experience, Global Indian Series has been able to change the narrative from two neighbouring countries at the brink of war, to a silent movement of the masses who wish to see a deeper connection develop between the two nations.

The platform, an immersive online destination, shares a range of stories, information and news that come from the lives of often neglected communities. Through their work, Global Indian Series have dedicated themselves to going beyond what traditional news outlets choose to comment on, and instead focus on understanding the true meaning behind national identity.

Global Indian Series has become a dependable platform that connects the human experience of its community, regardless national borders. This is the first time that an initiative like this has successfully been achieved, and in times of deep political uncertainty, the platform has become a testimony to the people of India and Pakistan that are united in their ambitions for a positive future.

Along with having ambassadors in both India and Pakistan, Global Indian Series has worked with many prominent figures from both countries. On their podcast, the platform has invited guests that have included Pakistani MPs, musicians from both countries like Sufi Rock star Wali Ali Khan and Bollywood vocals Ila Arun, as well as actors like Saim Ali and Kabir Bedi. These important conversations have highlighted the joint experiences shared by people of Indian origin and helped to create a borderless community connected by their commonalities, not their divisions.

Rajan Nazran, Chief Explorer for The Global Indian series says, “We are more than the arbitrary factor our skin colour, or our perception of newly formed boarders. We are people of the same lands and as such, we have a moral obligation to connect with our shared humanness and not to be divided by the politics of the day. Connecting the countries of India and Pakistan has been an important mission for Global Indian Series, and it’s incredible to see the impact we’re having on these communities.”

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