The Online Platform Where Billionaires Share the Secrets to Success and The Pain of Identity

The Online Platform Where Billionaires Share the Secrets to Success and The Pain of Identity

In a podcast series from a leading online platform, billionaires from Indian origin have come together to share the secrets of their success and the hidden pain of identity in business.

Global Indian Series is an online destination that shares the stories and experiences of people of Indian origin from across the globe. In their dedication to understanding the real human experience, they’ve been able to go further than any other traditional news outlet in uncovering the truth around often-ignored communities.

As part of the platform’s ongoing podcast series, they have been able to bring together a diverse mix of self-made entrepreneurs in a tell-all discussion about serious topics such as money, divorce, racism, hardship, politics, and most importantly, the real secret to their success.

In one episode, Global Indian Series travelled to Canada to interview Dragon’s Den personality, Manjt Minhas, owner of one of the largest breweries in all North America. In their discussion, Manjit delved into the issues she’s faced as a woman of Indian origin in business. This resulted in an insightful talk about the challenges of juggling a personal life, battling against stereotypes, and navigating success in industries that are historically dominated by men.

Other podcast episodes from the thought leaders at Global Indian Series include dialogues with Chitra Stern, an important voice in the world of empowerment and entrepreneurship, and the inspiring story of Lord Rami Ranger who went from a refugee to being honoured as a Lord in the UK.

Rajan Nazran, Chief Explorer for The Global Indian series says, “We’ve had some seriously inspiring and impressive individuals on our podcast, having the in-depth and personal conversations that you wouldn’t normally hear otherwise. At Global Indian Series, we like to dig deep and there’s no topic that we will shy away from in our effort to unveil the real human experience for people from neglected communities.”

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