The Packaging Manufacturer Making Beauty More Sustainable with the First E-commerce, Fully Recyclable Lotion Pump Dispenser

The Packaging Manufacturer Making Beauty More Sustainable with the First E-commerce, Fully Recyclable Lotion Pump Dispenser

APackaging Group (APG), a US-based manufacturer of cosmetics packaging has released a new-to-the-market, fully recyclable lotion pump dispenser that can be used in a variety of beauty applications. This unique dispenser is also certified to meet the e-commerce Amazon 6 Over-Box requirements.

The innovative and unique APG lotion pump is now the most sustainable alternative to traditional pumps, which are typically manufactured with metal components, preventing them from being recycled. This is a historic step away from the industry ‘norm’ from APG, who have built themselves a reputation for delivering better customer experiences through expert packaging design.

APG’s pump can be used in a variety of functions, including soaps, shampoos and lotions and comes with customizable options to fit each individual customer’s needs.

After almost 20 years in the industry, APackaging Group has established themselves as market leaders when it comes to sustainable packaging, paving the way for other manufacturers to follow suit. The Lotion Pump Dispenser is the newest in a line of similar recyclable products from the women-owned company set to continue pushing boundaries to make the beauty more environmentally friendly.

CTO of APackaging Group, Armin Arminak says, “We are all aware that the packaging industry is a big culprit when it comes to producing packaging waste, so we’re thrilled to be adding a new product to our Infinity Series of recyclable packaging solutions. At APG, we take our role as manufacturers very seriously and constantly look for ways to make our products more sustainable —not only does it help the planet, but it’s also something that our customers are getting more and more conscious of.”

The Infinity Series is APackaging Group’s market-leading range of fully recyclable trigger sprays, lotion pumps and foamers that contain no metal construction. These one-of-a-kind designs are trusted by the best in beauty and come in a variety of customizable options.

This innovative series of packaging solutions has also been recognized and commended by one of the leading trade associations in the plastics recycling industry, The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR). This recognition comes after rigorous testing on the range to ensure that it meets the strict APR guidelines for plastics recyclability.

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