The Pandemic May Be Ending, But at What Cost to Our Identity? Asks Leading Online Platform

The Pandemic May Be Ending, But at What Cost to Our Identity? Asks Leading Online Platform

As many people start going back to work and returning to ‘normal’ life, a leading online platform has asked how much the pandemic has cost us our personal identities?

Global Indian Series, an immersive online destination that shares a range of content, stories, and information, focusses on improving our knowledge of the human experience—with specific focus on those of Indian origin.

From sharing experiences from people all across the world, the platform has discovered from its readers and collaborators that many people lost a sense of identity during the pandemic due to long periods of isolation. Now that we are starting to return to our pre-pandemic lives, this loss of identity may have a big impact on how we relate to our communities—especially for those who come from already neglected communities.

Since the start of the pandemic, the platform has become a living bridge of the human experience and how it has changed during Covid. Leading voices have come together, ranging from heads of state, billionaires, even to those on the fringes of society, to share a rare insight into their lives, opening up about subjects such as divorce, loneliness, and anxiety.

Through sharing the lives of such a diverse range of people, Global Indian Series has become a log of experience from over 48 countries beginning from the height of the pandemic. This online ‘Covid diary’ is a first of its kind insight into how we see each other as humans outside of our perception of ethnicities.

Rajan Nazran, Chief Explorer for The Global Indian series says, “The pandemic has seen us become extremely isolated as individuals, but through sharing our stories and experiences we are able to unite and feel closer to our communities. Being isolated for so long has had a big impact on our sense of identity, and I hope that by sharing these stories about often-neglected communities, Global Indian Series can bring people back to life with new-found spirit.”

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