The Pinterest Queen Launches New Course to Help Brands Grow Online

The Pinterest Queen Launches New Course to Help Brands Grow Online

Mindset coach, educator, and mentor Damaysi Vazquez – commonly known as The Pinterest Queen – is launching a new online course aimed at bloggers, digital creators, marketers, and brands who want to boost online awareness and utilize Pinterest as a powerful platform for generating leads and sales.

‘Become a Pinterest Queen’ is a self-paced home study course that outlines the steps that Vazquez herself has taken to skyrocket her own Pinterest board from just 83 views and zero followers to one of the platform’s most visible and most visited profiles. Today, Vazquez’s profile receives upwards of 3 million views per month, with 6000 independent profiles following her updates. This was achieved in just a matter of months with strategic, results-driven methods.

The 10-module course covers everything from setting up a Pinterest account to optimizing it to attract and engage the right people, at the right time. Included are tips for personalizing profiles, optimizing name boards for SEO, applying for story pins, and building effective advertising campaigns that really work. The course is video-based, so that even those with little to no Pinterest experience can easily follow along with Vasquez’s guidance.

“It’s no secret that the past year has been difficult, and what we’re seeing right now is more and more people turning to digital advertising to grow their presence in the ever growing online marketplace,” says Pinterest Queen, Damaysi Vazquez. “But for many, online visibility is a completely new area, and social media marketing especially is something that can be tricky to get right. I want to live in a world where every business thrives, and where we all come together to support each other, and that’s why I’m taking what I’ve learnt and transforming it into a comprehensive course anyone can follow.”

Recognized as one of the biggest and most successful names on Pinterest, Vazquez has certainly come a long way from her challenging beginnings. Born in Cuba, Vasquez sought the American Dream, hiding in the engine room of a boat that landed in South Florida 36 hours later, with no family or friends in the country. Having lived in the US for 20 years – and gaining American citizenship – Vazquez today owns a successful, growing business, travels around the world, and was able to bring her family over to the USA.

Thankful for the support she received during difficult times, Vazquez is now choosing to help others to achieve their own dreams. Through her agency, Vazquez works with brands such as Alpha Femme, FITTEAM, Sara Longoria, Elisa Canali, Marli Ansel, and more to take them to the next level through strategic SEO strategies that give brands a powerful competitive edge.

The ‘Become a Pinterest Queen’ course is available now, offering unlimited access to the video content across as many owned devices as necessary. Included with the course is a keyword and pin title ‘cheat sheet’, giving participants a quick fire solution to growing visitor numbers in just one week.

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