The Reusable Pants Saving Girls from Period Poverty This Back-to-School Season

The Reusable Pants Saving Girls from Period Poverty This Back-to-School Season

As many children go back to school this month, one issue that may be a cause of extreme stress and anxiety is the thought of not having access to property sanitary products. However, to face this issue head-on, one sustainable brand has developed a line of fully reusable, affordable period protection products.

According to a survey of 1,000 young girls and women, 1 in 10 have found themselves in period poverty and said they had been unable to afford basic sanitary care [1], a figure that Cheeky Wipes want to do its best to reduce. ‘Period poverty’ is a term that means being unable to get access to the vital sanitary products that those who menstruate need whilst on their period. This lack of access can be equally down to a lack of knowledge of menstruation or families not having the financial means to pay for their child’s sanitary products.

At a time when they should be focussing on schoolwork and their grades, Cheeky Wipes believes that period poverty shouldn’t be an issue that any young person has to go through. To help ease the financial investment that must go into period care products, the sustainable brand has created reusable period pads and period pants.

“Period poverty is a very real issue here in the UK that is a harsh reality for many people with a period. Especially for young people who are going back to school, the thought of starting their period and having no access to sanitary products can be a huge stress and embarrassment. We know that the cost of these products can be high, but we hope that with our reusable products we can offer more families and young people an affordable solution to make periods easier,” comments Cheeky Wipes Founder, Helen Rankin.

The vegan-certified eco-friendly knickers and pads come in a range of styles and sizes that are designed to suit anyone, no matter how heavy or light your flow is. Cheeky Wipe’s products are leak-free, easy to wash, and can be reused over and over again, saving users on average between £60-120 annually.To find out more about Cheeky Wipes and their reusable period protection products, visit

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