The Viral TikTok Brand Creating the Next Generation of Comfortable Activewear for Women

The Viral TikTok Brand Creating the Next Generation of Comfortable Activewear for Women

The women’s activewear industry is booming with premium brands and a focus on aesthetics over functionality, but one brand is on a mission to shake up the industry and provide accessible, comfortable, and affordable activewear to customers across the globe.

Kamo Fitness, the European-based brand that is known for its viral activewear garments that are a main feature on TikTok and Instagram’s trending pages, d, which takes a holistic view of fitness and empowers its customers to feel good on the inside and out.

Out of a desire to fill the gap in the market for accessible, high-quality activewear, Kamo Fitness sells a range of leggings, shorts, tops, and sports bras that are made with premium fabrics, thoughtful designs, and with functionality as the priority. From humble beginnings, Kamo Fitness has caused a stir in the market and on social media, with thousands of satisfied customers sharing glowing reviews on some of their favorite pieces.

Known predominately for their viral range of EOS products, Kamo Fitness is passionate about creating activewear that not only looks good but feels just as incredible. In their signature EOS line, all products contain a subtle scrunch that flatters the figure, while it’s also being made with premium Italian yarn that feels irresistibly soft and endlessly stretchy. So, whether customers are taking a gentle hike with friends or doing a hardcore workout, the EOS range is sure to be a perfect fit.

Alongside their viral range, Kamo Fitness has a wide range of other garments including their budget Cora Bodysuit which features the same quality design as their other garments, at a fraction of the price of other premium lines. Similarly, their best-selling Serenity Leggings are designed to be versatile and comfortable, with no front seam which is often the cause of the camel-toe look.

“At Kamo, we make fitness accessible to everyone and we’re so proud to see so many incredible people using and loving the garments we’ve created. We focus on creating activewear that works just as hard as our customers and put a lot of care and attention into creating the best quality garments possible to continue our goal of shaking up the activewear industry,” comments Kamo Fitness.

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