It’s Time for Companies to Take Proactive Steps for Recruiting Top Talent, Say Experts at Templeton Parker

It’s Time for Companies to Take Proactive Steps for Recruiting Top Talent, Say Experts at Templeton Parker

Businesses can no longer leave recruiting leading talent until they have an urgent vacancy to fill, according to the experts at Templeton Parker. The leading recruitment firm, which operates in the competitive MedTech sector, notes that sourcing experienced professionals is set to become even more challenging as the workplace culture becomes more fluid to embrace technological advancements.

As remote working continues to rise, candidates have access to even more career opportunities as they’re freed from some of the geographical limitations they faced in the past. This presents both benefits and drawbacks for businesses seeking to work with the top talent within their sector. Templeton Parker explains that while it allows firms to scour the nation or even look internationally for a candidate that matches the entire job specification, it also means other businesses are competing within the same talent pool. As a result, the recruitment specialist is urging MedTech companies to take proactive steps or risk falling behind their rivals.

Josh Levine, MedTech industry expert and Head of Medical Device Recruitment at Templeton Parker, said, “Every business has faced the hassle of trying to find the right candidate for a role that urgently needs filling. But it’s a process that can take time, particularly when a position demands specialist skills and experience. The delay in sourcing the right applicant can significantly impact on a firm’s ability to compete in what is already a fiercely competitive market. It’s time for companies to start taking proactive steps to both attract and retain the talent that their operations rely on.

“Businesses need to be thinking ahead and forging effective partnerships before vacancies appear. With an understanding of potential candidates that can enhance operations and a network to utilise when roles open up, a proactive approach can minimise business disruptions and give firms an edge over competitors.”

Templeton Parker is a newly launched recruitment firm that does things differently, aiming to help MedTech businesses embrace a proactive mindset to talent acquisition. Through maintaining a leading network of MedTech professionals and offering a 1-year guarantee on all placements, the firm makes it easier for companies to access the talent they need.

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