Timpanys’ Ethos Supporting More Sustainable Fashion Industry as Recycling Week focuses on “what goes around comes around”

Timpanys’ Ethos Supporting More Sustainable Fashion Industry as Recycling Week focuses on “what goes around comes around”

Innovative preloved fashion brand Timpanys is combatting the rise of fast fashion through its extensive collection of beautiful designer goods. Last year over 1.13 million tonnes of clothing1 was purchased across the UK, with the industry producing 26.2 million tonnes of carbon emissions as a result. The growth of throw away fashion is strong despite global efforts to move towards a more sustainable economy. Focusing on high quality goods and extending the lifecycle of every product that passes through its hands, Timpanys is combining style with an eco-ethos without customers having to break the bank when they invest in handbags, shoes, clothing, and other accessories.

From 25th September to the 1st October Recycling Week will take place with the message conveying the importance of how worth it recycling your unwanted goods can be and why it is worth your time. The throw away culture has become part of fashion but it’s seriously affecting sustainability efforts. Through encouraging style lovers to choose high quality pieces that have a classic, timeless design, Timpanys aims to play a positive role in changing the industry for the better. Thanks to its preloved ethos, the brand is having a beneficial impact on the fashion production sector too. It’s estimated by WRAP2 that extending the lifecycle of clothing by just three months can lead to a 10% reduction in the production of harmful emissions. Through sourcing and selling leading luxurious items Timpanys is helping more people turn their backs on fast fashion in favour of investing in stunning key pieces.

Antonia Timpany – Founder of Timpanys, said, “The fashion industry plays a huge role in the environment and other global sustainable efforts. As more people become connected there’s been a definite shift in what consumers want, and it’s only growing. Choosing to buy high quality over quantity is a trend that’s soaring in demand but many are put off the expense of purchasing luxury items that stand the test of time. Timpanys is breaking down that barrier by delivering beautifully crafted preloved fashion at prices that don’t break the bank.”

Operating online and with a store in Berkshire, Timpanys has amassed a legion of fashion conscious customers since it first launched eight years ago. With every product being authenticated, from the iconic Hermes Birkin handbag to beautiful Dolce and Gabbana dresses, shoppers know they’re getting a great deal when they head to Timpanys. Carefully selecting every piece that’s features in its shop, Timpanys has created an enviable reputation in the competitive fashion industry.

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