Top Business Coach Reveals ADHD Diagnosis with Launch of Specialist New Service

Top Business Coach Reveals ADHD Diagnosis with Launch of Specialist New Service

Top business coach, Michael Cloonan has revealed his ADHD diagnosis and pledged to offer specialist support to other business leaders and entrepreneurs with the condition.

Diagnosed with the condition six months ago after a twenty-year career as an entrepreneur, the confirmation of ADHD explained a lifetime of challenges and frustrations.  He said, “I have been an entrepreneur for 20 years but was not diagnosed until earlier this year. I wondered why I was forever struggling to focus on the tasks at hand for my business and why I was always moving from one thing to another, getting easily distracted by the next big thing.

“I also struggled to take in information when I was learning or studying but the things I felt passionate about, I got so engrossed I soaked it up like a sponge. One of the more difficult aspects was finding a work/life balance which caused problems in my relationship as I was forever jumping from one idea to the next and putting my family to the side.

“It caused me to have anxiety throughout my life, as everything was extreme. I had a breakdown at 30 and that’s when it all changed for me and I channelled my experiences and energy into coaching. Over the years, I have had to develop my own strategies to deal with ADHD and manage the things going on around me to stop making the same mistakes over and over again. I had to take time to understand what was happening and find solutions. After being diagnosed recently, it hit me that I could use my experiences to help other entrepreneurs with ADHD to develop their own coping tactics and methods of working. People with ADHD are 300 % more likely to start their own business and 1 in 5 businesses have entrepreneurs with ADHD at the helm so there is a need for more specialist support.”

According to NHS England, ADHD affects around 3-5% of UK children and around 2% of adults, with males more likely to have the condition than females. A number of prominent business leaders have been open about their ADHD diagnosis, including Virgin boss Richard Branson, Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Ingvar Kamprad, founder of Ikea.

Michael Cloonan’s new coaching solution is specifically tailored for business leaders with ADHD and focused on bringing order to the disorder. He has devised a CPR (Clarity, Process, Results) system to help entrepreneurs with the gift of ADHD supercharge their superpower and create a structured approach to running their business and dealing with common stumbling blocks. This niche focus makes him one of the only business coaches in the UK to have devised a dedicated methodology for business leaders with ADHD wanting to harness their diagnosis and drive their business forwards.

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