Trade show tips for success

Trade show tips for success

Before the big autumn product fayres hit, digital printing experts PrintDesigns have a list of tips for business who are getting into the swing of things after a summer spent focusing on their business.

“Autumn is so often a big time for companies who are looking to make a big impression at trade shows,” said Mark Thompson, Managing Director for PrintDesigns. “It’s best to sort out any potential issues before they become problems at the trade show which customers can see.”

PrintDesigns recommend that customers spend plenty of time thinking about the look and feel of their stall, including how they will display products and what kinds of customers will see them. If their stall does not accurately reflect their brand, looks badly put together, or is cluttered, customers won’t be tempted to visit.

They also say that customers should have a clear idea of the standout feature of their stand, instead of trying to do too many things at once. Features such as whiteboards or floor adhesives can be effective if the focus is all on them, or else they can be drowned out by other gimmicks on the stand.

PrintDesigns also urge customers to think about how they will measure their success at trade shows; whether it’s in email addresses collected, products sold, or something else. Without such a metric, it can be difficult to know if a particular trade show is better for a business than another a few weeks later. It also helps to have someone who enjoys interacting with customers in the booth, as they might be able to build a rapport with individual customers that will convince them to help make their booth a success.

“At PrintDesigns, we’re committed to making sure that our customers have the best trade show experiences of their lives,” added Mark Thompson. “These expos can be tough—and our job is to make it easier for them.”

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