Could transforming office lighting help businesses to attract fresh, young talent?

Could transforming office lighting help businesses to attract fresh, young talent?

A lighting specialist that stocks a wide range of commercial and domestic applications is encouraging businesses to adapt their office lighting in order to draw in millennial talent.

BLT Direct offers customers comprehensive options when it comes to lighting for a number of working environments including offices and warehouses.

Research has revealed that 21% of 18-24 year olds have rejected a job offer from a potential employer because of poorly designed offices that lack amenities as well as spaces that offer little room for collaborative work.

Steven Ellwood, managing director at BLT direct said: “In order for businesses to remain competitive, it’s imperative that bosses and managing directors get on board with how important effective working environments are.

“It’s no longer enough to just offer workers good salaries and competitive bonus schemes, people want to be excited about coming to work, and this has everything to do with the working environment that leaders create for their employees.

“To ensure that workplaces are made to feel comfortable, lighting needs to be employed effectively across working environments. For both office spaces and also factories, LED lighting is the best possible option as it mimics natural daylight. This helps workers to concentrate and also reduces eyestrain, ensuring that they feel comfortable for the duration of their working day.”

Businesses should also consider the benefits of open plan offices, which statistics have revealed are becoming a more popular option in a number of office environments. 46% of workers complained that they didn’t feel that their office didn’t offer enough room for collaborative behaviours to be adopted between departments, which is something that open plan spaces could help to address.

Steven continues: “Open plan offices are ideal for creating a positive working environment and will also mean that companies can rely less on artificial light and make the most of natural light, something that has also been shown to boost workflow, concentration and mood for workers.”

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