Travel company won’t let poor weather and a weak economy rain on its parade as holiday sales skyrocket

Travel company won’t let poor weather and a weak economy rain on its parade as holiday sales skyrocket

A holiday franchise company that gives business-minded individuals the chance to launch their very own travel brand has experienced record levels of sales and astounding growth in recent months, highlighting the fact that the holiday industry in the UK is far from a lost cause.

The Travel Franchise provides keen travel advocates that are desperate to break into the holiday market with a number of package options that will enable them to sell over 12 million different types of holidays, ranging from cruises, family breaks, large group booking and religious tours.

Despite the grey clouds hanging over much of Britain in recent weeks, not to mention the impending doom of Brexit still on most people’s minds, the company has seen a staggering increase in sales, with figures revealing an increase of 74.5% compared to last January.

Paul Harrison, Co-Founder of Not Just Travel & The Travel Franchise said:” Holidays are the single biggest purchase people make each year with their disposable income. With sales having doubled in the last year, it shows how strong uncertainty regarding the UK economy has not tainted people’s desire to travel and experience new things in different countries, which is really great to see.

“Anyone that is interested in working in the travel industry will benefit greatly from our franchise option, which makes getting started with your own company as painless as possible. We provide full training and ongoing support to individuals that launch their own franchise, not to mention exciting exclusive products and benefits.”

The company has seen the biggest rise in long haul sales, with figures revealing that there has been a whopping 72% increase. The average spend per booking is also up 111%, showing that more people are interested in travelling further and are spending more to get there.

With recent figures suggesting that millennials are falling out of love with the UK as 16–34 year olds have taken 1.4 million fewer holidays at home than they did a decade ago, perhaps the bolstered performance of the travel sector has young explorers keen to travel far and wide to thank.

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