Travellers Heading to Argentina Invited to Cook up a Storm in Buenos Aires as Private Cooking Classes with Local Foodies Launch

Travellers Heading to Argentina Invited to Cook up a Storm in Buenos Aires as Private Cooking Classes with Local Foodies Launch

Foodies with a thirst for adventure can now cook up a storm in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires as Cook Abroad launches its range of cooking classes in the cultural melting pot that is Argentina’s beguiling capital city.

A city of tangos and milonga, with sizzling summers and architectural gems, with art, colour and music around every corner, Buenos Aires is a fusion on Latin American and Mediterranean, with Spanish and Italian influences and food and wine fit for a king.

Staying true to the ideal that to really get to know a culture, a city and its people you must start with the food, Cook Abroad gives travellers heading to Buenos Aires a gourmet introduction, with a choice of seven classes highlighting the flavoursome local cuisine, South American staples such as empanadas, meats and the Malbec that is Argentina’s culinary calling card.

Julia Grosman – Founder of Cook Abroad said, “After living in London and taking many trips around the world, I realized most of my traveling pictures were about food, which I think many people can relate to! The thing I enjoyed the most about each country was to discover the culinary wonders each place had to offer. Once I came back to Argentina, I decided I wanted everyone visiting my home town, Buenos Aires, to have the opportunity to experience the amazing local cuisine, culture and wine.

“Cooking classes are a great cultural activity when traveling to Buenos Aires and a fantastic way to learn how to cook Argentine food, learn the culture and have some fun as well. Our classes are a good way to take something back from a trip, perhaps to cook Argentine food for your family and friends.”

There’s a whole class dedicated to empanadas – the little pockets of tasty dough stuffed Argentinian style with meat, cheese, corn and other flavours. In just three hours, students can learn how to make the traditional dough from scratch, three different fillings and master two cooking methods.

A meat and wine class gives those with a nose for an Argentine grape a chance to learn not just how to make empanadas, but how to make a sauce from the local wine paired with a delicious meat dish too. In addition there’s an introduction to preparing and testing the South American tea, Mate – once known as the drink of the gods.

There’s also a Buenos Aires Argentine food Class, which gives visitors a delicious introduction to the local cuisine, with instruction on making chipa bread, corn empanadas, carbonada criolla (a local meat stew with chorizo and Malbec wine) and mate.

Classes can be customised, with vegetarian and gluten free options, giving visitors a chance to totally immerse themselves in the tastes and techniques of Argentinian cooking.

Cook Abroad will launch classes in Buenos Aires in 2018. To find out more, visit