Trekking company Kandoo Adventures announces new partnership with mental training experts

Trekking company Kandoo Adventures announces new partnership with mental training experts

High altitude trekking company, Kandoo Adventures will now help its trekkers to unlock the forgotten key to mountaineering success, as it announces an exciting new partnership with the innovative Fitsmind, a mental and physical fitness app designed to help everyone achieve their goals.

The new Kandoo and Fitsmind partnership means those preparing for a big adventure such as a pilgrimage to Macchu Pichu or a challenge like climbing Mount Everest will be able to tap into the Fitsmind MAP expertise to better prepare for their once in a lifetime expedition.

Fitsmind harnesses guided visualisation and awareness meditation combined with physical workouts for all levels and body types. The tool can be used to improve fitness results, focus, reduce stress and relieve anxiety.

Jane Deakin, managing director of Kandoo Adventures said, “Kandoo Adventures is the perfect partner for Fitsmind. When it comes to fitness, and especially mountaineering, it is more than just a physical challenge, it’s a mental one. You might be thinking this is nothing new, we’ve all heard the expression “mind over matter”, but it’s now been extensively researched and Fitsmind is at the centre of this by putting the theory into action.

“Our partnership with Fitsmind means that we can help our trekkers to prepare in the best way possible, as well as successfully achieve a once in a lifetime experience with the most respected guides and tour operators in the world. As brands, we really align in our vision and values and know that only through adventure do you truly discover who you really are.”

Fitsmind helps those in the process of preparing for a Kandoo trek to build up the endurance needed for the high altitude trekking by training the mind as well as the body. Trekkers who haven’t completed a similar challenge previously can use the app to train their minds to prepare for physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, muscle cramps, dehydration and exhaustion, as well as the exhilaration that comes with successful making it to Kilimanjaro’s summit or the iconic Tiger’s Nest monastery, clinging to vertical cliffs above Paro in Bhutan.

Deakin added, “Fitsmind strongly believes that mountains represent more than a physical challenge – over and above this, mountain objectives ignite the concept of mindfulness and mental strength, which is interconnected to the challenges people are confronted with each day. The organisation takes all of its clients on a mental and physical journey, to overcome their mental doubts and fears, and to ‘climb their inner mountain’. In fact, climbing a mountain is symbolised in all of its products. We’re delighted to be partnering with them and can’t wait to hear from our trekkers about their experiences”

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