More Than a Trend: Mille Boutique’s African-Inspired Homeware Helps Artisans in Togo

More Than a Trend: Mille Boutique’s African-Inspired Homeware Helps Artisans in Togo

Designers have been drawing inspiration from the African continent in one of the biggest trends this year, with vibrant colours, stunning patterns, and traditional techniques gracing everything from fashion staples to homewares. Consumers that really want to embrace the style and culture of the trend have a new ethical brand to turn to – Mille Boutique.

While other homeware and fashion businesses have been showing off elements of African design, Mille Boutique works closely with traditional, local artisans to give their pieces an authentic flavour. Products sold on the online store are handcrafted in Africa, providing communities with opportunities to benefit from their time-honoured talents that have become popular in the UK and other Western cultures.

Mablé AGBODAN, CEO of Mille Boutique, said, “African artisans are creative, talented, and have a unique style that those with an eye for trends have been snapping up this year. But a lot of the time, it’s not those with African heritage that’s benefitting from the sales of these products, and at Mille Boutique we believe it’s something that needs to change. By working with local craftsmen from the region, we’re not only providing a way for artisans to reach a much wider audience for their products but letting customers purchase high quality items that have a story to tell too.”

Many of the products for sale via Mille Boutique are handcrafted at the foundation Club des Métiers d’Art et d’Artisanat au Togo in the Togolese Republic in West Africa, with 20% of the brand’s profits going back to these centres. Mille Boutique’s ethical approach to doing business means that local communities can invest more time and resources into cultural crafts, paving the way for the next generation of exceptional artisans.

The brand’s sustainability focus goes beyond working with local communities too. Mille Boutique also champions natural materials, using recycled fabrics where possible, and taking environmentally friendly steps to reduce impact.

Mablé AGBODAN added, “Supporting local craftsmen and being eco-friendly is important to us as a brand. It’s not only positive for African communities but means our customers can benefit from excellent products too. Our fabrics, for example, are typically handwoven using stunning, 100% natural African cotton and finished with exceptional hand embroidery for a luxurious touch that customers love.”

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