Tub Collection Reveals How to Blend Contemporary Interiors with Retro Inspiration

Tub Collection Reveals How to Blend Contemporary Interiors with Retro Inspiration

Interior design experts at The Tub Collection have revealed their top industry secrets on how homeowners can blend the contemporary with the retro in their homes.

Enthusiasts with a love of all things retro have applauded The Tub Collection revelation, as vintage lovers have been waiting for news on how to update their favourite period pieces.

Amelia Crawford, The Tub Collection’s Lead Buyer, said, “Retro vibes have long been a staple of the fashion conscious homeowner’s space, and many have been looking for ways to add a hint of modernity to the look.”

Using more up-to-the-minute pattern trends like geometric styles that are inspired by and conjure the vibe of fashions from bygone eras has been a popular place to start. The Tub Collection’s Westleigh tub chair is a favourite for those looking for that ‘70s vibe.

Texture is also hugely important for today’s fashion-forward home decor lovers, adding modern pieces from homeware gurus, like The Tub Collection’s Essendon tub chair, and combining them with complementary textures in the home to create a retro feel.

Amelia Crawford also stated, “A great way to modernise those retro styles is to choose an era that loved all things futuristic. For example, a classic 1950s style would look at the era’s obsession with innovation. Bright colours, chrome detailing and fluid shapes were all the rage then, so a room which incorporates these would capture the look completely.”

On the other side of the coin; those looking to add a retro air to a contemporary space can do so by choosing a piece of accent furniture that harkens back to a different age.

For this, The Tub Collection believes that material is key. Choose a material which contrasts with your already modern decor, to make it stand out.

Accent chairs are hugely popular, and the addition of a tub chair as an accent chair to a room instantly adds a vitality and freshness, without the need for many additional changes.

Crawford added that the best place to start is furniture; as it can transform the tone and feel of a room instantly. Tub chairs are great for any space, especially a collection with a nod to retro.

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