Tutku Films Bring Powerful Short Film to UK Festivals Featuring Ex-Coronation Street and Eastender’s Actors

Tutku Films Bring Powerful Short Film to UK Festivals Featuring Ex-Coronation Street and Eastender’s Actors

Powerful short film, Green Lanes, will make its UK film festival debut at Romford Film Festival on Tuesday 24th May in a much-anticipated screening to an audience of critics and the general public. Produced by Tutku films and directed by Güni Koçak and Marie Drisch, the 15-minute short film will be displayed during the 6:10pm – 7.30pm short film showcase.

The short film, which is the first of its kind to be directed by Turkish filmmakers, depicts the lives of Turkish people in Britain without the usual troupes and stereotypes prevalent in other Turkish-focussed films. Boasting a cast of Eastenders and Coronation Street alums – including Nej Adamson, Fisun Burgess, and Elizabeth Tan – the short film offers a heartfelt and true insight into the often-forgotten stories of minority groups in our communities.

Green Lanes follows the story of Yusuf, a Turkish man who brings his girlfriend, Fiona (Elizabeth Tan) home to meet his mother (Fisun Burgess) and father (Nej Adamson) for the first time. What ensues is a passionate and thoughtful depiction of a fictional Turkish family’s life in modern day London, as well as the turbulence of an unspoken family tragedy that is unveiled during the meeting.

Shot in the UK, Green Lanes was filmed in both English and Turkish and aims to provide a realistic and empowering depiction of the symptoms of collective grief and how individuals deal with family loss in their own unique ways. Pulling in topics such as Asian minorities in Britain and characters of Muslim faith, this extraordinary film is expected to be amongst the big-hitters at the seven-day event.

Güni Koçak Director says, “We’re thrilled to be showcasing our short film at the Romford Film Festival. We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this short film and can’t wait to share this important story with such a wide audience of people. This story is one that seeks to challenge common stereotypes of minority groups so they can be more accurately and fairly represented in the context of today’s society.”

After its debut at the festival, Green Lane producers will continue the film festival circuit across the UK, showcasing their powerful film to audiences around the country.

Green Lanes will be part of the Romford Festival short film showcase on Tuesday 24th April. Tickets for the 6:10pm—7:30pm session can be purchased online for £4 on the Romford Premiere Cinemas website.

To find out more about Green Lanes and to watch the teaser trailer, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLtHceApSec