Twickenham Restaurant Salt Flakes Taps into ‘Smoking’ Hot Trend with House Made Charcuterie

Twickenham Restaurant Salt Flakes Taps into ‘Smoking’ Hot Trend with House Made Charcuterie

South West London restaurant Salt Flakes is championing the hottest food trend of the moment with the addition of its own smoked meats to the menu. The casual dining eatery, which recently announced a partnership with celebrity chef Damian Wawrzyniak, will make it own charcuterie on site, with smoked fish, smoked hams, bacon and sausages now available.

Home grown charcuterie is enjoying a renaissance on the foodie scene with diners falling for the sumptuous taste, great quality ingredients and the emphasis on provenance.

Salt Flakes’ own cured meats will be available in a variety of seasonal dishes – with all meats smoked and cured on site, the charcuterie choices on offer will vary.

The addition of traditional products such as smoked sausages, smoked bacon and hams adds a further dimension to the recently revamped Salt Flakes menu. Last month it confirmed that it would be working with chef Damian Wawrzyniak, an award-winning chef, TV presenter and Polish food pioneer who’s cooked for the British royal family and TV royalty, Mary Berry.

Chef Wawrzyniak will host a tasting session next week, where the restaurant’s house made charcuterie will be served. He said, “Smoking and curing meat is of course a very old tradition but it’s one that is undergoing a real renaissance at the moment and is one of the biggest food trends of this year as diners focus more on quality, sustainability and premium ingredients. Our charcuterie boards are really decadent and delicious, showcasing a range of top quality meats and really letting British curing shine.”

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