Twistiti Reveals Colourful Watch, Empowering Time-Telling Tots

Twistiti Reveals Colourful Watch, Empowering Time-Telling Tots

Like tying shoelaces, learning to spell and grasping the art of writing, telling the time is one of life’s many exciting but difficult challenges for curious kids. Specialist children’s watch retailer, Twistiti, has launched a line of fun, colour-pop watches. Each one has been designed specifically to help develop the concept of telling time, for kids aged three and above.

Producing the greatest watches for the greatest of kids, Twistiti caters to the inquisitive mind of children as they get to grips with life’s trickiest time-telling moments. Totally one of a kind, The Animals Watch replaces confusing hours and minutes with simple animal symbols. This helps children become familiar with the process of how the watch face works, while also giving them a grown-up wrist wear accessory to adorn on their arm with pride.

Leopold le Hardy, CEO and co-founder of Twistiti commented, “Early in life, kids ask themselves a lot of questions, such as how to tell the time. It’s a very tricky concept, yet very important too. We created playful watches for these curious children, without forgetting about what we believe matters in a kids’ watch: it must be resistant and full of colours. It must also make its little owner excited to wear their watch, just like a grown-up does.”

Every toddler and tot has their own vibrant personality, and the Twistiti range of animal faced watches caters to each and every one. An eye-catching array of watch straps are available to choose from, including orange leopard print and an action-packed camo green pattern. This selection of straps and the never-before-seen animal face design is complemented by a rainbow wheel of colour placed within the watch face, making the new Twistiti time-telling tool a must-have for every child with an equally as colourful personality.

Adrien le Hardy, Twistiti co-founder and designer added, “We believe watches are meaningful tools. We also believe in the beauty of a traditional analogue watch and, more than anything, we think it’s critical for kids to master the concept of time. That’s why we created the Twistiti watches, with all our passion and expertise”

Twistiti grows with each child, developing in line with their time-telling skills. Its second watch in its range, named The Numbers Watch, features a dial that is clear and colourful, with a rainbow wheel of numbers that are easy to read, making the process of properly telling the time much simpler. Amongst Twistiti’s range of interchangeable watch straps, additional patterns such as contemporary rainbow stripes, love heart motifs and monochrome stars compliment the more mature face design.

Whether The Animals or The Numbers watch is chosen, Twistiti sells its faces and straps separately. This enables each child to create a fully customised accessory, selecting their favourite fabric strap from the many vibrant designs available. Once chosen, each strap fits in place with one simple click.

Leopold concluded, “Twistiti watches are now commonplace in several classrooms and playgrounds across many countries. Yet, the most beautiful gift for us is all the emails and feedback we get from parents, telling us how pleased their kids are with their watches.”

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