Tyre Bay Direct adds cutting-edge TreadReader tyre scanner to its product line

Tyre Bay Direct adds cutting-edge TreadReader tyre scanner to its product line

Tyre Bay Direct, one of the UK’s leading garage equipment distributors, is launching a new product which allows technicians to quickly and easily analyse tyre tread levels. The handheld device called TreadReader uses the latest technology to speed up the process and increase accuracy.

Reports have shown that poor tyre maintenance is the most common reason for accidents on UK roads. In fact, around 446 incidents were caused by defective tyres in 2017. The new scanner from Tyre Bay Direct will help tyre shops provide customers with more accurate tyre tread readings while speeding up turnaround and reducing overall costs.

Managing Director at Tyre Bay Direct, Sally Wright said “At Tyre Bay Direct, we embrace new technology and we are always looking to expand our product range with equipment and tools that help improve efficiency and reduce overheads for our customers. The new TreadReader Tyre Scanner is one of the many new products that we will be rolling out over the next year and has already generated a lot of interest. We have already seen it in action and are excited to see how the new technology will help our customers.

Accurately measuring tyre tread is an essential part of vehicle servicing and MOT testing which is why garages are always looking for new tools to provide quicker and more comprehensive analysis. The TreadReader Handheld Scanner utilises cutting-edge scan technology to provide accurate 3D renderings of tyre surfaces. Using 320,000 measurement points, it works an accuracy of 0.2mm and automatically generates an assessment of the tyre quality.

Providing a timely and efficient service is vital for garage owners trying to reduce turnaround times and minimise overheads. Furthermore, with the transparent and clear readout, tyre sales are uplifted on average by 7%. The TreadReader Scanner is compact, handheld device which scans the whole surface of the tyre to provide a much more accurate reading than traditional dip gauges. The system works by connected directly to a tablet or through a local WiFi network to provide an instant reading.

The scanner has a streamlined interface, making it easy to use and eliminating the risk of human error. It can be used to measure tyre tread across a range of vehicles including passenger cars, LCVs. HGVs, buses and trailers. It is a versatile tool which will help reduce long-term costs for garages and maximise efficiency.

Garage owners and technicians in the UK can purchase the TreadReader Handheld Scanner directly from the Tyre Bay Direct website. They will also find a wide range of tyre changing machines, tools, accessories and consumables at competitive prices.

To find out more visit https://www.tyrebaydirect.com/