Tyre Bay Direct helping to reduce UK road accidents with premium equipment

Tyre Bay Direct helping to reduce UK road accidents with premium equipment

Leading UK garage and tyre shop equipment distributor, Tyre Bay Direct continues to push new product lines in order to improve industry standards, provide quality assurance for clients and increase road safety for UK drivers.

A 2017 study revealed that the most common cause of car accidents is down to poor tyre maintenance. In fact, more than 440 accidents over 12 months happened as a result of damaged or defective tyres. It has become increasingly important for garages and tyre technicians to make drivers aware of the importance of regular tyre maintenance.

Managing Director at Tyre Bay Direct, Sally Wright said “As an industry leader, Tyre Bay Direct has been an ambassador for the integration of new technologies into the tyre maintenance sector. In order to combat new road safety problems, we need to look for new technology and equipment which can provide more efficient and accurate results. Safety and quality-assurance are essential for automotive maintenance and we will continue to provide our UK garages with the best equipment available.”

Tyre Bay Direct has continuously strived to provide British garages and tyre shops with the high-quality equipment and tool they need to provide efficient and high-quality services to UK drivers. With decades of experience in the industry and the recent merger with ISN, Tyre Bay Direct have developed an in-depth knowledge of current trends along with an unrivalled product range.

Among the numerous causes of car accidents, low tyre tread is one of the most problematic issues. A large number of road users are using tyres which have less than the legal limit of tread which is a problem that Tyre Bay Direct has been aiming to reduce. The company recently added the TreadReader tyre scanner to its range which uses cutting-edge technology to provide extremely accurate tread readings.

Amongst the long line of products available from Tyre Bay Direct, mechanics and tyre technicians have access to a wide selection of precision equipment and machines such as tyre changers, inflation systems and air-powered tools. With a wide selection of brands including Atlas, Tyre Bay Direct ensure that all of the products they distribute are made to the highest standards with high-quality materials.

With distribution channels across the entire UK and versatile delivery options, garage owners can ensure that their customers’ needs are met on a daily basis and that safety standards are maintained.

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