UAS Software Leaders Consortiq Setting the Standard in Drone Security

UAS Software Leaders Consortiq Setting the Standard in Drone Security

As UAS data security becomes a hotter topic in a number of countries, the team behind CQNet the proprietary software system for the unmanned technology solutions leader, Consortiq has spoken out showing that security is not just possible – it’s achievable and security breaches are preventable.

One country which is currently considering UAS security is the USA with some speculating that America’s federal agencies are making moves to ban foreign drones on government projects due to fears that sensitive data may be unwittingly shared. A number of other nations are also thought to be debating UAS data security issues.

In the face of growing concerns from the drone industry, David Walters, Software Development Manager for Consortiq says, “Putting your trust in an external organisation to host and manage your data is not a decision that is made lightly. Your expectation is that the supplier will treat your data like it would its own, and ensure it is captured, transferred, and stored securely.

“We at Consortiq understand how important your data is to you. That’s why, when we began designing our UAS Safety Management System, CQNet, we had customer’s data security at the forefront of our minds. During the design phase, we made a conscious decision to set the standard that we adhere to for all our Enterprise clients.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a team of three capturing aerial media for productions, an organisation of 30+ monitoring critical infrastructure, or a government agency dealing with national security. Our aim was that CQNet should be the secure enterprise product that caters for all, with no compromise on data security.

“Designing our system with security in mind wasn’t enough for us at Consortiq. We want to embed this ethos in our organisation from the top down, that’s why we are already Cyber Essentials accredited, and are working towards ISO 27001 accreditation by the end of 2017.”

CQNet powered by Consortiq is a turnkey solution for safe, efficient UAS management. It offers a flight operations command portal, displaying real time UAS operations along with functionality such as UAS maintenance scheduling, airspace intelligence and mission planning.

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