UK Bearings Supplier Expands Range with Two High Precision Lock Nut Series

UK Bearings Supplier Expands Range with Two High Precision Lock Nut Series

Midland Bearings, a West Midlands-based leader in the distribution of high-quality bearings, has increased its product range to include two new high precision lock nut series. The introduction of KMK and KMT lock nuts has rapidly grown the company’s existing collection of metric standard KM series lock nuts, offering customers easy access to these highly reputable products that ensure efficient locking without the need for locking washers or keyways.

The new KMK lock nuts range from the M10x0.75 thread KMK0 to the M100x2 thread KMK20, with all of the lock nuts guaranteeing simple mounting while simultaneously offering effective locking without shaft keyways. Featuring an integral locking device, the KMK high precision series uses grub screw pressure to secure the nut in place, minimising the risk of damage to the shaft thread.

The KMT series ranges from the M10x0.75 threat KMT0 to the M200x3 thread KMT40. KMT lock nuts are designed with integrated locking pins that can accommodate high axial forces without a locking washer or keyway. The standout feature is the lack of pin deformity upon use, which enables the lock nuts to be reused indefinitely without compromising on precision or efficacy.

“As our customers know, Midland Bearings is proud to have long stocked an extensive range of lock nuts and washers for a huge variety of bearing applications, and this latest expansion of our range to include KMK and KMT series high precision lock nuts has really been a natural next step for us,” says Midland Bearings Managing Director, Phil Chesworth. “We are deeply committed to ensuring that our customers have access to the very best products, and we’re confident that these new components will facilitate a problem-free operation of bearings, helping to prevent unplanned downtime and boosting reliability in all sorts of environments, and all sorts of applications.”

The two new lock nut series are intended for use in precision applications, along with applications that do not need, or will not easily allow for, the use of a locking washer or shaft keyway. The KMT and KMK are effective alternatives to standard KM series nuts which typically require an MB washer for locking. Along with being highly precise and reusable, the new products also boast a strong reputation for being secure, inexpensive, removable, and efficient.

The new additions join Midland Bearings’ existing range of KM series stainless steel and N/AN series imperial dimension lock nuts, providing customers with more choice than ever before for quality lock nuts for bearing applications.

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