UK Cosplay Culture Celebrated with The 86th Floor’s Latest Comic Con Video

UK Cosplay Culture Celebrated with The 86th Floor’s Latest Comic Con Video

Set to be its most popular video yet, The 86th Floor has released its exciting look at one of Europe’s biggest comic and pop culture conventions. Filled with creativity, incredible costumes, and a diverse range of genres, MCM London Comic Con 2017 was a huge success that’s been captured by the passionate team of The 86th Floor, providing us an amazing look at the growing cosplaying culture in the UK.

Hosting over 130,000 keen fans, the London convention saw thousands of elaborate cosplayers and costumers walk through its doors and The 86th Floor was there to capture some of Europe’s most awesome cosplayers. The channel shot footage of some of the unbelievable costumes on display, from a fan’s take on the latest Marvel movies to awesome computer game characters to niche Japanese anime. Highlighting the energy, fun, and community of the convention and set to feel good summer track ‘Living for the Weekend’, the video will make viewers want to get involved next time the convention rolls around.

Oisin Carr, director of The 86th Floor, said “We are delighted to have been part of MCM London again. Once again, the cosplayers of UK and Europe have demonstrated their amazing skill and talent. MCM is always one of the highlights of our convention year and hopefully our video shows why we love the cosplay and convention community so much.”

The 86th Floor is no stranger to creating videos that show off the vibrant cosplay and convention scene. The channel’s videos have racked up more than six million hits on YouTube but the popularity of MCM London means the latest addition is expected to quickly become its most viewed. While taking part in conventions across the world is part of what The 86th Floor does, The 86th Floor celebrates geek and niche culture for fans of fantastic fiction everywhere.

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