UK Festivals Are Hotspots for Unnecessary Waste, Says Leading Reusable Wipes Brand

UK Festivals Are Hotspots for Unnecessary Waste, Says Leading Reusable Wipes Brand

As 200,000 festivalgoers descend on the grounds of Glastonbury this weekend, one sustainable brand is encouraging attendees to rethink their approach to packing to embrace a more environmentally friendly festival experience.

Despite the organisers of Glastonbury enforcing a strong waste policy [1] that advises attendees to avoid bringing disposable and biodegradable wipes, many festivalgoers are still expected to use thousands of single-use wipes over the long weekend. However, Cheeky Wipes, an East Sussex-based SME, has the perfect solution for festivalgoers who want to ditch the single-use wipes without compromising on cleanliness – their range of reusable wipes.

Unlike biodegradable wipes, which can still break down into microplastics, Cheeky Wipes offer a truly sustainable option that prevents unnecessary waste, saves landfill, and protects the environment.

The sustainable brand, which has been featured by This Morning, BBC One, and Marie Claire, offers customers a range of reusable items including washable wipes that clean away sweat and dirt from a day of festival activities, makeup wipes, toilet paper alternatives, and period protection products. All of their products are made to enhance the festival experience with no compromises, while helping attendees cut back on their waste significantly.

For an enhanced clean at particularly mucky festivals, their festival wipes can be used in conjunction with the Cheeky Wipes’ Cheeky Wet & Wipe Spray to cleanse and moisturise the skin. Then, once the wipe has been used, rather than being thrown away, it can be quickly washed, ready to be used again and again.

Helen Rankin, Cheeky Wipes Founder, says, “Festival season is such an exciting time for many people, but the amount of waste that’s created every year is just astonishing. From things like tents and sleeping bags that get left behind, to hundreds of thousands of single-use wipes that just end up polluting the planet. Our wipes are a great, user-friendly alternative for festivalgoers who are as passionate about sustainability as we are.  And having braved the showers and ‘long-drops’ at Glastonbury on several occasions, I can testify that reusable wipes are a much more attractive proposition!”

Cheeky Wipes come in a range of sizes, including starter kits that include everything a first-time customer could need and are made of premium cotton terry towelling and Oeko-tex certified material and dyes that are safe for use on even the most sensitive skin.

Kits, packs of wipes, and multi-purpose festival wipes can be ordered directly from Cheeky Wipes’ website.

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