UK House Buying Company Release Surprising List of Things You Can Do Faster Than Selling a House

UK House Buying Company Release Surprising List of Things You Can Do Faster Than Selling a House

From creating a vaccine to fight a global pandemic to having a baby, or watching almost 2000 films back to back- these are just some of the things prospective property buyers could achieve in less time it takes to purchase a house in the current property market.

UK house buyers, Speed Property Buyers set out to discover what milestones exactly you could achieve in 295 days after a report by The National Association of Property Buyers found that is how long it currently takes to complete on a new home purchase.

Its research found that some incredible achievements could be recorded in less than is needed to buy a house, including developing a ground-breaking COVID-19 vaccine. The world’s leading pharmaceutical companies developed, tested and rolled out vaccines in less time than it would normally take simply to sell a property.

Another mind boggling scenario is that women could comfortably expect to experience around 280 days of pregnancy and give birth all before getting the keys to their new home.

Those looking for a challenge could adequately prepare for a marathon (the average training time needed for a beginner is around six months according to the BBC), while those already in a routine of peak fitness could expect to run 1180 marathons before finalising a house sale, assuming each distance run took six hours to complete.

If all this sounds a little overwhelming, those who simply wanted to sit back and enjoy movie marathons instead of actual marathons within the 295-day house sale window could expect to watch around 1770 films with an average length of 120 minutes. This is put into even greater perspective when considering that two brand new Hollywood movies could be made and added to the list with an average shoot time of just 106 days the norm for most big screen blockbusters.

Speed Property Buyers is a cash-based, direct national property buyer offering quick sale services to house sellers looking to sell faster than the current 295 average, with house sales possible in as little as seven working days.

Jeff Djevdet, Director of Speed Property Buyers, said “Our research into things you can do before the typical house sale period of 295 days is pretty amusing, but also quite alarming in that the current state of the market is taking away a lot of time from day-to-day lives.”

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