UK Office Provider Urges Back-to-Work Office Staff to Support Local Businesses

UK Office Provider Urges Back-to-Work Office Staff to Support Local Businesses

incspaces, a leading space-as-a-service operator with locations across London, Leeds, and Manchester, is urging workers to consider supporting their vital local economies as they begin to return to the office later this year. Under the Government’s roadmap to recovery, office workers are expected to begin a phased return to the workplace from 12th April as an increasing number of businesses are given the green light to reopen. The team behind the growing flex space initiative is keen to use this as an opportunity to support small firms.

In preparation for the widespread return, incspaces has already launched a brand new COVID-secure flex space in Leeds city centre, providing an expanse of outdoor space and strategically laid out workspaces to maximise collaboration while minimising risk. Now, it is hoping to encourage its users to support nearby convenience stores, family-run cafes, local restaurants, and other businesses that have received little Government assistance over the past 12 months.

Charlie Cudworth, incspaces MD said, “It has been hugely important that we’ve had a stay-at-home message throughout the pandemic, but now, as more than 20 million adults have been vaccinated, we need to begin to head back to the office, back to our city centres, and most importantly back to supporting our local independent businesses who have really struggled to stay afloat. We’ve already seen a 400% increase in interest for our modern, post-COVID office spaces, and we believe that this is a fantastic opportunity to rejuvenate our local economies.

“We’re asking our users to consider trying out a local cafe for a bite to eat, or grabbing a morning coffee from an independent vendor rather than a big corporation. Our flex spaces are located right in the heart of three of the UK’s most exciting cities, close to incredible small businesses that we’re very proud to support during this difficult time.”

Venturing out for lunch or refreshments – even just once or twice a week – isn’t just about supporting local economies – it’s about supporting mental health, too. The neuroscience of human social behaviour has been a hot topic during the pandemic, with fears that social distancing and isolation could spark a mental health crisis. Historically, humans adapted to depend on cooperation to enhance the rate of survival, and while the population no longer faces the same risks, the inherent desire for physical interaction is something that hasn’t lessened over time.

While returning to the workplace may offer essential interaction, it is vital that workers feel confident in returning to their day-to-day lives following months of Government-mandated isolation. Visiting a local cafe, restaurant, or convenience store can help, as well as helping to support local businesses when they need it most.

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