UK sports nutrition brand E-Nutrition revamps its popular multivitamin tablet with improved formula

UK sports nutrition brand, E-Nutrition has revamped its popular multivitamin tablet, Vitabol® with a new, improved formula for even better health and wellbeing.

The multivitamin, which is made entirely in the UK, is a powerful blend of B-Vitamins, C-Vitamins, D-Vitamins and Vitamin E, making it the perfect supplement for those who want to improve energy and endurance levels, support the immune system and fuel tougher workouts.

Vitabol® is one of E-Nutrition’s flagship vitamin products and, has already proven to be a favourite with fitness fans. The updated formula packs in even more vitamins and gives a complex set of vital nutrients to support the body when it isn’t quite getting enough of the good stuff from food alone.

Karl Smith, E-Nutrition managing director said, “Even the most active among us can benefit from a multivitamin supplement. We’ve worked hard to extensively reformulate Vitabol®, which was already very popular with our customers, to pack in even more vitamins and wellbeing benefits. Our new formula is our best yet and is receiving great reviews already. It’s incredibly effective and is available as a single item purchase or as part of the E-Nutrition Health Stack XL.”

The Vitabol® multivitamin supplement gives fitness fans a highly composed ratio of the entire daily recommended amount of essential vitamins in a single tablet. It contributes to the body’s overall wellbeing as well as helping to enhance gym and training performance.

The new advanced Vitabol® formula includes Vitamin C, which is vital for a strong immune system and B vitamins to enhance the body’s natural energy release process, helping to power tougher workouts for improved gains. There’s also antioxidant rich Vitamin A, which helps to battle free radical damage and keep skin healthy, Vitamin B2 for improved energy levels and a healthy metabolism and Vitamin B3, which is known to absorb protein, carbohydrates and fats in the digestive tract.

For those who are serious about their fitness regime, Vitabol® also contains Vitamin C, which aids tissue repair and regeneration and Vitamin E, which inhibits muscle breakdown and promotes muscle growth– helping the body to recover quicker from a tough workout so it’s easier to keep up the pace whether it’s leg day or circuit training.

It should be taken once per day with water or fruit juice and is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and dairy fee. Vitabol® is available in tubs of 120 tablets, priced at £9.99.

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