UK’s First Naturally Flavoured Nutritional Yeast Launches To Pack a Punch for Plant-Based Diets

UK’s First Naturally Flavoured Nutritional Yeast Launches To Pack a Punch for Plant-Based Diets

Notorious Nooch Co. has launched the UK’s first ever, naturally flavoured nutritional yeast. The vegan brand’s mission is to make it easier, tastier and more fun to rethink meat and dairy… no surprise then that they are launching with Smokey Bacon and the cheekily named, Cheesy Immature flavours.

Whilst other deactivated yeast might claim the nutty, savoury flavour that has made nutritional yeast a vegan essential for some time, the taste of these products has become a little ‘samey’ which can make life a little boring for those following a plant-based diet. This lack of category innovation spurred the adventurous, flavour-focused team behind Notorious Nooch Co. into action.

The two notoriously delicious flavours deliver a ‘big on flavour, small on ingredients’ approach. Cheesy Immature and Smoky Bacon have been created by toasting yeast flakes to bring out their natural intensity, with both containing fewer than five (all natural) ingredients.

Steven Wildish, Co-Founder of Notorious Nooch Co. and author of How To Vegan (Penguin Books) said, “On my own journey to becoming vegan, I loved trying out new tricks to recreate the food I loved as a kid. For years a big part of adding a cheesy flavour to vegan meals has been to use nutritional yeast… but it never quite satisfied the craving.

“Nothing seemed to turn up the flavour without compromising on vegan values or featuring a chemistry set of preservatives. Our naturally flavoured Notorious Nooch delivers an amazing, mouth-wateringly rich, cheesy hit, and a savoury bacon hit without harming a single hair on the head of any pig, goat or cow.”

According to the Vegan Society, 12 million people will follow a meat-free diet this year, and one quarter of Brits will identify as a vegan or vegetarian by 2025. Shopper interest in plant-based foods grew by 20% in 2020. Notorious Nooch Co. is natural flavour sensation for anyone making the switch.

Flexible and versatile, Notorious Nooch Co.’s naturally flavoured nutritional yeasts flakes can be sprinkled onto practically anything, from pizzas, pastas, and pestos to chips, greens, and even popcorn. The opportunities are endless, and even the smallest sprinkle can pack a punch.

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