UK’s Sleeping Habits Revealed

UK’s Sleeping Habits Revealed

It’s been well documented that many don’t get the recommended eight hours sleep per night, but Luxury Bed Co., the company that specialises in quality beds and mattresses to suit all needs, has revealed the true extent to the UK’s worrying sleeping pattern.

Surveying a group of participants, the company aims to get to the bottom of the growing issue of sleeplessness. Noting that 44 percent of respondents get less than six hours’ sleep per night on average, the company is concerned for the physical and mental health of the population.

Rob Turner, Marketing director at Luxury Bed Co., said, “We’re all aware that many of us are not getting enough sleep – and notably – not enough quality sleep at night. Putting strain on our bodies and minds, it can be detrimental and cause serious health problems – including mental health issues – should this persist. Therefore it’s important we understand why people are having trouble sleeping, and do all we can to help them overcome this issue.”

40 percent of respondents said they got between six and eight hours, with 13 percent stating they got an average of between nine and 10 hours, and three percent claiming to get a luxurious sleep of more than ten hours per night.

Delving deeper, the company went on to discover the reasoning behind this sleep deprivation. 54 percent of respondents claim that stress is the primary cause of sleeplessness, with financial issues (28 percent) and mobile phones and entertainment (18 percent) coming in last place.

Although busy working lives have been to blame for the increasing number of those struggling to get a full nights’ sleep, the survey suggests something different. Just 38 percent claim to have a lie-in when they’re off work (at the weekend, when on holiday etc.), with the rest claiming to get up at the same time – regardless of whether they must or not.

Although a comfortable mattress cannot aid in stress management, investing in a comfortable mattress and keeping electronics out of bedrooms to create a peaceful and tranquil environment can help those struggling to nod off.

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