Unconventional Eco-Friendly Wipes Help London Nursery Reduce Waste

Unconventional Eco-Friendly Wipes Help London Nursery Reduce Waste

As every childcare provider knows, wet wipes play a huge role in maintaining healthy, safe, and hygienic environments. But as the financial and environmental impacts of single use items become increasingly apparent, many are searching for ways to save money, and help save the planet, too.

That’s exactly what London-based Cybertots wanted to achieve. And with help from Cheeky Wipes, which offers a range of reusable wipes, the nursery was able to save hundreds of thousands of disposable wipes from landfill and make big notable financial savings, too.

Cybertots, which operates multiple sites across London, switched from disposable products to Cheeky Wipes last year, and has transitioned from purchasing 250,000 wipes annually to buying only soaking solution refills.

The Cheeky Wipes alternatives are super soft, cloth-based wipes that can be soaked in cold water and an essential oil blend and stored in the brand’s ‘Fresh Wipes’ container until needed. Suitable for hands, faces, bottoms, and sensitive skin, the wipes can be washed and sanitised at up to 60 degrees, dried, and re-soaked in water ready for use once more.

“We changed over to Cheeky Wipes during the pandemic and we haven’t looked back. We are so pleased that we have managed to cut down on the amount of waste that’s going to landfill, and we don’t intend to ever revert back to disposable baby wipes again. It’s an easy way to lower our waste, and since we are in the business of bringing up children, it is important to us to safeguard their environmental future” says Katya Ozols from Cybertots Nursery.

Single use wet wipes are emerging as one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of building a sustainable future. Quick and convenient, it’s not surprising that 68 billion disposable wet wipes are used across Europe each year. Yet that amounts to 511,000 tonnes of annual waste, with a shocking amount ending up in the world’s oceans. In fact, research suggests that single use wet wipes and disposable menstrual products together account for more than 6% of waste found on UK beaches, making them some of the biggest threats to marine life. However, removing wipes entirely is not a viable option.

Helen Rankin, Cheeky Wipes Founder, says, “Getting rid of wet wipes completely is not a solution we can consider. Wet wipes aren’t just about keeping children and environments clean; they’re about providing little ones with safe, simple products that aid their social and physical development and promote the importance of self-care. When it comes to protecting our planet, it’s not always sensible to eradicate, but we do need to reduce. And since launch, Cheeky Wipes has significantly reduced the amount of waste being generated by wipes, keeping 40 million packs of disposables out of landfill”.

In addition to reducing waste, Cheeky Wipes also estimates that, like Cybertots, other childcare providers across the country could see notable savings from switching to reusable wipes from more conventional disposables. It calculates those nurseries using 10 packs of single use wet wipes per week could save more than £350 within just one year, rising to up to £500 in the second year. For nurseries with greater needs, using 100 packs of wipes or more per week, that saving could rise to up to £5000 by the second year.

For nurseries thinking about making the switch, Cheeky Wipes is ready to help. With a specialist scheme for childcare settings, nurseries can access tailored support, download letter templates to communicate the change clearly with parents, and enjoy an exclusive discount of up to 35% on orders over £50.

To find out more about Cheeky Wipes, visit www.cheekywipes.com