Unique Clinic to Eliminate Snoring with Gentle Acupuncture

Unique Clinic to Eliminate Snoring with Gentle Acupuncture

A new Stop Snoring clinic that blends traditional consultation with relaxing acupuncture is set to undo the problems snoring causes. Sleep-100 is dedicated to solving snoring issues that affect both the patient and their partners with results that work over the long-term.

Unlike other solutions, Sleep-100 doesn’t require intrusive surgery, any pain, discomfort or annoying mouth appliances. Instead, a Chinese expert administers gentle acupuncture to deliver instant results. A single appointment will start to resolve the snoring issues of a patient, ensuring they feel well rested, refreshed, and ready to tackle the day in the mornings. Partners suffering from sleep deprivation through their other half’s snoring will have their lives improved immeasurably. Acupuncture therapy is reinforced with a consultation that highlights good sleeping habits to complement the cure.

Robert Hewing, Director of Sleep 100, said, “When your sleep is disturbed from snoring yourself or your sleep is being destroyed by a snoring partner, you suffer a hugely negative effect on your overall health and wellbeing. Snoring influences everything in your life from mood to relationships. Intrusive stop snoring methods typically make sleeping more disturbed or deliver only short-term results. At Sleep-100 our goal is to change that. We’ve proven our non-invasive techniques work and in a single 90-minute session help patients on their way to fully restful sleep without snoring.”

Patients can effectively monitor their sleep pattern before and after the treatment with third party phone apps. The apps track sleep and snoring behaviour, demonstrating the instant positive effect of the Sleep-100 treatment.

Hewing added, “Our patients will notice the Stop Snoring benefit immediately. They and their partners will sleep wonderfully and feel the best they have since they started snoring. Better restorative sleep for both partners isn’t something that should be made light of; it saves relationships.”

Sleep-100 is a small business focussed on holistic Stop Snoring cures. Located in Marylebone, London, the clinic currently consists of a Chinese traditional medicine doctor therapist and two support staff.

Sleep-100 is offering complimentary sessions to a limited number of publications and reporters who would like to experience Stop Snoring at the clinic. Contact info@sleep-100.com or call 07719247749 to find out more.

To find out more visit sleep-100.com/.