Unique Cup Gives Vending Operators to Launch Effective Marketing Campaigns

Unique Cup Gives Vending Operators to Launch Effective Marketing Campaigns

With the number of coffee shops rising, the traditional vending machine is struggling to get noticed. Fortunately an innovative new product, Prize Cup is giving vending companies a fresh new way to get their coffee products spotted, keep customers coming back for more, and learn exactly what consumers want. Vending operators traditionally have

no direct point of contact to customers, so Prize Cup is bridging an essential gap and allowing firms to establish a connection.

The solution is simple, businesses just need to swap their existing cups with the smart alternative. With the ability to run up to six different promotions simultaneously, which are accessible by a QR code on each cup, vending companies have a new tool they can use to increase sales on underperforming machines. From boosting engagement to attracting customers through exciting giveaways, Prize Cup has the potential to have a hugely positive impact across the vending sector.

Bob Derbyshire, UK Sales Director for Prize Cup, said, “Customers today value engagement and when you compare coffee vending to cafes, it’s easy to see how firms can fall behind. With technology at customers fingertips constantly it doesn’t have to be complicated to create that connection. QR codes are simple to scan through smartphones, giving companies that use Prize Cup an instant way to engage, communicate with customers and encourage them to use the machine again.”

Vendors have a whole host of possibilities when they use Prize Cup, such as running a survey campaign to better understand demand and customer satisfaction to running a competition campaign that will capture interest. The slick interface of Prize Cup offers an effortless way to manage up to six unique promotions at a time. The digital marketing platform even allows vendors to change their campaigns without having to swap cups, so they can respond to campaign success or weaknesses in real time without having to pay any additional costs.

To find out more visit www.prizecup.eu/.