Unique Dual-Purpose, Adhesive-Free Grip and Stand for Smartphones Launches

Unique Dual-Purpose, Adhesive-Free Grip and Stand for Smartphones Launches

A Vancouver-based team of innovative product designers have created a unique, dual-purpose solution to two common irritants all smartphone users will recognize. The uBond is an adhesive-free grip and stand that uses cutting-edge micro-suction cells in place of damaging, sticky glues to give users a comfortable grip and practical stand, whatever their mobile device. It has launched a new crowdfunding campaign to finance additional production and has already attracted dozens of backers.

Those who tightly grip their cell through the day will be no stranger to the ever-present threat of having it slip out of the hand or dropping it when in use, potentially damaging the device and often, smashing the screen. Likewise, with the surge in mobile device usage, an increasing number of us are starting to feel the twinges, aches and pains that accompany tightly clutching a cell phone for hours at a time. For those who suffer from RSI or have health issues such as arthritis, holding a cell for any period can become uncomfortable or painful.

The uBond solves this issue with a stylish, streamlined design that effortlessly fixes to the back of any cell phone without the need for strong adhesives which can linger and leave a hard to shift sticky residue on the cover of the device even after the grip is removed.

Unlike conventional products, the uBond uses ingenious micro-suction cups which attach to the phone and provide a stable grip, allowing the user to relax their holding hand. It is quick and easy to attach and remove, offering a convenient, portable and versatile tension-free holder on demand.

In addition to acting as a grip, the uBond also quickly snaps into stand mode, providing a stable holder in any orientation. This smart feature provides a hands-free display, perfect for use when travelling, commuting, carrying out desk work or even following a video tutorial for a fitness class or recipe.

Jeff Yuan, CEO of uBond says, “Gripping a phone tightly for a prolonged period of time excessively burdens muscles. uBond is specifically invented to address this particular problem – terms like Smartphone Pinky, Text Claw, and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome might sound funny but can actually be fairly painful, especially if you suffer from other issues such as arthritis or need to hold your phone for hours at a time. uBond provides a convenient, comfortable solution and solves the problem of the phone slipping out of your hand and getting damaged – so it’s great for on the go, at work, out with the dogs, hiking or even around the house doing chores.

“Unlike some phone holders or stands, uBond is free of adhesives. Traditional solutions use very strong adhesive to bond the stand or grip to the surface of the phone, which can ruin the case and leave a sticky residue behind when removed so it’s easily swapped between devices.”

Despite pulling double duty, the uBond is small enough to drop into a shirt or jeans pocket. It’s made from a high-quality zinc alloy and is nickel electroplated and hand buffed to give a flawless finish. High quality precision diecasting and CNC machining is used to create a robust, tough and long-lasting product.

The uBond is available in red, black and blue with other colours to be added.

To find out more visit the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1546268754/ubond-revolutionary-adhesive-free-phone-grip-and-s