Unique new online training programme launches to help creative agency account managers grow their client relationships

Unique new online training programme launches to help creative agency account managers grow their client relationships

Creative agency account managers can now grow their client relationships and take the next step in their careers with the launch of a dedicated new online training programme, designed specifically for those working in PR, advertising, marketing and digital.

The Account Manager Success Plan by Account Management Skills, a division of Red Glue Communications, is designed to fill a gaping hole in the traditional agency skill set – that of training and mentoring account managers to show them how to strategically manage and grow their existing client relationships.

The comprehensive online programme is the brainchild of Jenny Plant, a former Publicis LifeBrands General Manager with a career spanning more than 25 years in advertising and marketing. The Account Manager Success Plan is a blueprint for account managers to help them add more value to the client’s business and increase their agency’s bottom line.

Plant, whose company delivers in-person workshops for the UK’s Pharmaceutical Marketing Society and Institute of Promotional Marketers said, “Despite 25 years in account management, I didn’t have a strategy for retaining and growing the client relationship until I was in charge of an agency of fifty people. When I received two year’s one-on-one sales coaching, I was able to start having different types of conversations with my clients that helped me identify their true pain points, understand what they were actually buying from us and pre-sell them solutions before wasting time developing proposals that never went anywhere. I then trained my team and saw their transformation and the immediate impact on agency revenue.

“It made me angry, I thought why the hell doesn’t anyone train people starting out in account management how to do this stuff? Frankly, receiving this training sooner in my career would have helped me to avoid some of the huge cock-ups I made with clients, not to mention the lost account growth opportunities. I could have made much more money for the agencies I worked for.”

According to the Soda Report, 22% of clients fired their agency last year because they were unhappy with the account management. Agency owners want three things; to obtain, keep and grow clients. Keeping and growing accounts is cheaper but very often the account managers on the front line, the ones charged with keeping and growing the account on a day-to-day basis, are ill-equipped to identify opportunities and deliver. The Account Manager Success Plan is an essential account development tool, helping agency leaders and client services directors to better train their teams and arm them with the necessary tools, techniques, strategies and plans needed to manage and grow their accounts.

Aimed at account managers with no formal sales training, the Success Plan contains 12 video training modules with 12 worksheets. It also includes 12 key models, templates, tools and scripts to download and follow.

Thought provoking, to the point, easy to digest and actionable, the course videos can be viewed at leisure and revisited on demand. Each module is built around a key concept or strategy, with a summary, exercises, downloadable models and scripts so students can begin implementing the learnings straight away.

Available for enrolment now, agency owners and account managers can take advantage of a limited introductory offer of 50% off for enrolments made by September 30th 2017 (with code HALFOFF). Offer ends midnight 30th Sept 2017.

To find out more visit: http://account-management-skills.teachable.com/p/the-account-manager-success-plan.