Unique new service launches to help freelancers and small agencies grow their client lists

Unique new service launches to help freelancers and small agencies grow their client lists

Established freelancers and small agencies frustrated with the race to the bottom approach of typical outsourced bid platforms and lack of flexibility offered by closed marketplaces can now access a dedicated unique new service designed specifically to help them grow their business.

The all new workroll.com is a new kind of platform, founded to help those flourishing in the bid economy to grow their client lists and build their freelance business without the high commissions, low project values and lack of scale that plagues closed marketplaces, current freelance platforms and word of mouth marketing.

Mitchell Bryson CEO of Workroll said, “We’re delighted to officially launch Workroll today. Feedback from users during the soft launch has been exceptional. We are a truly unique solution for advanced freelancers and small agencies such as website designers, online marketers and app developers. We understand their frustrations with the existing solutions and we’ve set out to replace the standard RFP (request for proposal), as well as beating the competition such as freelance bidding sites and closed marketplaces by creating an open match making platform.

“The Workroll system uses advanced AI to match a project with a shortlist of the most suitable 3-5 freelancers or agencies based on 100s of data points. We already have 15,000 freelancers and small agencies worldwide signed up to use Workroll. We’re proud to say we’re now open for business.”

Workroll helps small web companies to scale their growth by matching higher value projects with the most relevant suppliers. The average project order on Workroll is $10,000, substantially higher than the $500 average of freelance bid sites. Because the system uses a matchmaking algorithm, established freelancers and small agencies are given freedom from bidding wars. This unique approach also means these higher quality, experienced providers no longer need to sell their services short to compete with new freelancers trying to win business by submitting the cheapest bid.

For businesses looking for an expert web developer, online marketer, graphic designer or other skill, Workroll takes on the task of trusted advisor. With no commission, Workroll is not part of the transaction, making for a fairer on demand economy. Its costs are fixed and predictable, leaving SMEs, advanced freelancers and small agencies free to find their next project and grow their client list in a more sustainable and scalable manner.

To find out more visit https://workroll.com