Unique piano

Unique piano personalisation service combining stunning design and creative launched by Bath company

The Piano Shop Bath has launched a UK-first service that offers total personalisation of any piano to suit both interior décor and personal taste.

The new service offers piano owners the opportunity to unleash their creativity and fully personalise their piano with an array of unique designs to match any space and make a bold statement about their individual style.

A focal point that instantly draws the eye, the Piano Shop Bath has created several showstopping models to showcase their skill and abilities of what’s possible for anyone looking to transform their beloved piano into an intricate and artistic addition to their homes.

From the magnificently restored chinoiserie Steinway which has been exquisitely hand painted with bird and flower motifs and mouldings and flutes adorned with gold leaf to the fun and vibrant embroidered Jungle piano inspired by the art of Henri Rousseau with its intricately hand knitted fabric, the company has shown the art of the possible with these tasteful yet striking models.

For a touch of total luxury, the luxurious gold grand piano really does have the Midas touch with a divinely rich surface that reflects mesmerising light and illuminates the room.

Jonathan Kelly, owner of The Piano Shop Bath said, “We work with a team of skilled designers and collaborate with clients to create a design that not only matches our customer’s style but holds meaning for the owner too. From pops of vibrant colour in a contemporary space to space-aged designs suitable for young musicians, there is no limit to creativity or what’s possible.”

With extensive experience of working on high-end interior projects across the globe, the Piano Shop team has previously created luxurious pianos for super yachts and bespoke instruments for world-class musicians thanks to their team of artists and technicians that handcraft every detail to unparalleled levels of excellence.

The team also encourage clients to get creative with their personalisation, whether it’s a gift for a beloved spouse emblazoned with their name, or perhaps a meaningful date or the lyrics to a favourite song; The Piano Shop Bath can elevate an exquisite instrument into something that’s entirely unique.

Not only is The Piano Shop Bath able to completely restore and reimagine an existing piano, but they also offer some of their sensational pre-designed pianos for sale, so there is plenty of options available for those that wish to include a majestic and musical piece of art in their homes.

To find out more about the unique piano design and personalisation service available from The Piano Shop Bath, visit https://www.thepianoshopbath.co.uk/