Unique plant storage solution launches to bring fresh air into the home and combat harmful pollution

Unique plant storage solution launches to bring fresh air into the home and combat harmful pollution

A fresh new storage solution will begin its crowdfunding campaign in December with a promise to combat pollution. Plantashelf makes it easy to bring the health benefits of nature into the homes in a modern, stylish fashion – created by a cutting-edge, London based design studio.

NASA studies prove that, along with increasing air quality, plants in a home or office environment can act as mood and productivity boosters.  Taking a love of all things green to stylish new heights, the clever Plantashelf product offers a new twist on the traditional potted plant. It uses a simple-yet-versatile shelf design to bring the outdoors back indoors with no mess, no spillage and no unsightly plant pot caddies required.

Plantashelf is lightweight and easy to transport around the home whilst also being incredibly strong and resilient, making it perfect for supporting the weight of the plants and soil. What’s more, the simple design of Plantashelf makes it easy to clean and drain at any time.

The award-winning design studio behind Plantashelf, Prieto Studio, created the product in response to the alarming increase in global pollution and the decline of green spaces in most urban environments.

Jorge Prieto, Designer and Director of Prieto Studio, said: “Plantashelf is an exciting, yet deceptively simple creation. We set ourselves the challenge of creating a functional, stylish product which helps to improve quality of life, help our planet, and looks elegant whilst doing it.

“Plants absorb carbon dioxide whilst simultaneously pumping out fresh oxygen, which is why they make us feel so good. Despite this, they can be difficult to incorporate into home and office spaces. Plantashelf is different because instead of having a clunky potted plant taking up space in the corner, the simple shelving system allows users to conveniently arrange space alongside plants.”

The crowdfunding campaign, through Kickstarter, will begin in December. The campaign aims to raise £15,000 to help finance manufacturing, which is due to start in January 2018. Bidders will receive their unique new products within 3 months, just in time for Spring.

The estimated price of a single Plantashelf unit will be £60, with packs of three available for £180. What’s more, early bidder discounts are available for customers who order early as well as special deals for those who order in bulk.

Prieto added: “We thought one way to combat the disappearance of green outdoors was to bring it indoors. Buying a Plantashelf today can help make the world that bit greener.”

For more information on Plantashelf, visit http://www.plantashelf.com/