Urgent Call for Action: 76% of Women in Tech Report Experiencing Gender Bias or Discrimination

Urgent Call for Action: 76% of Women in Tech Report Experiencing Gender Bias or Discrimination

Ahead of International Women’s Day on 08 March, WomeninTech.co.uk, a platform dedicated to growing women in technology, has released the results of its recent survey of over 500 women working in technology. The survey aimed to gain insights into their experiences, thoughts, and opinions on gender diversity in the tech industry.

The results are alarming and highlight the ongoing challenges faced by women in the tech sector. The key findings show:

  • 91% of the respondents believe there are more men in tech than women, an increase of 9% from the last survey conducted in 2019.
  • 76% of the respondents reported experiencing gender bias or discrimination in the workplace, an increase of 24% from the previous survey.
  • 90% of respondents believe that the tech sector would benefit from having a gender equal workforce.

On a positive note, 61% of the people surveyed say that their organisation is actively working towards gender balance in their workforces. The most popular ways they’re doing this is by recruiting more women in IT roles, working on the professional development paths of women, and introducing flexible working.

“The survey results are a wake-up call for the tech industry. It is unacceptable that gender bias and discrimination continue to be a widespread issue, and we must take action to address this,” said Gemma Edgar, Research Manager at WomeninTech.co.uk.

Gemma adds, “Early misconceptions from a lack of education in young girls is cited by 22% of respondents as the main reason for the lack of female IT professionals. By showcasing more female role models in the industry, we can inspire young girls to view IT as a realistic and desirable career path.”

WomeninTech.co.uk is dedicated to empowering women in tech through providing content, case studies, events, jobs, and more. In addition, the company works with employer partners who are passionate about increasing gender diversity in their tech teams and creating a more inclusive work environment for women in tech.

For more information, please visit: https://www.womenintech.co.uk/ and https://www.womenintech.co.uk/women-in-tech-survey-2023