US Turbulent Weather Likely to Severely Affect Mobile Phone Services, Says

US Turbulent Weather Likely to Severely Affect Mobile Phone Services, Says

Ongoing turbulent weather hitting East Coast in US can cause further damage and could severely impact mobile and internet signals, according to signal experts This problem is set to make weathering the storms even more challenging for those living in the states affected.

Winter storm Toby, the fourth nor’easter to hit the East Coast in a matter of weeks, means that record spring snows could settle. This year’s storms have led to several deaths, thousands of flight cancellations, and school closures as they have wreaked havoc and impacted several states. On top of the devastation being caused, estimates that as many as one million customers have lost power connectively in their homes, with Virginia, Washington DC, and Massachusetts among the worst hit this nor’easter season.

Neal Serrano, CSO, of, said, “Mobile connectivity helps ensure people are comfortable throughout storm conditions, but it can also play a vital role in safety, allowing people to check in with loved ones and keep up to date with how it is developing.

“Nor’easter effects are expected to worsen over the coming years due to the impact of global warming and, as a result, the effect on mobile connectivity is likely to get significantly worse. People are already looking for ways that they can stay connected and let those they are close to know about their safety, allowing them to communicate through a range of platforms, including social media. There are free to use channels that consumers can use but the downside is that they only work if there’s a stable internet connection. We’re working to ensure a reliable alternative.”

A signal booster placed in homes can instantly improve cell phone reception ensuring connectivity isn’t an issue in turbulent weather environments. It is these dedicated solutions that delivers to a huge range of customers, from homeowners to businesses that want to ensure their usual operations aren’t interrupted. For clients looking at large scale signal boosters, the firm even offers professional installation services to maximize results.

Serrano added, “There are a few simple steps those affected by the current storms can take when they are struggling with connectivity in a bid to enhance their reception. The first thing users should try is go near the window and turning their phone to airplane mode for five seconds, which can help reboot the signals. When trying to place calls, using a wifi network can also help to improve the odds of it going through.

“With these plus other simple techniques illustrated, people may be able to stay connected during the unpredictable weather to receive or offer help to one another until the weather conditions seem to get better.”

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