An Utterly New, Yet Old, Investment Opportunity That Threatens to Bring a Bit of Excitement as Well as Return

An Utterly New, Yet Old, Investment Opportunity That Threatens to Bring a Bit of Excitement as Well as Return

There is nothing quite as good as looking at something old and finding out that the world has changed so much that it is now ‘of the moment’. That’s what has happened with Sweat Equity. Crowdfunding, short runways, early retirements, gig working, and digital nomads make it something completely new and exciting in the hands of

The new investment concept takes a recently funded business and adds to it; a team of consultants, contractors, experts, and advisors to accelerate growth. However, where the idea stands apart is how it pays for and accesses the additional resources it needs without significantly reducing its runway through issuing sweat equity shares.

Time4equity aims to source and match people who are prepared to invest time with companies seeking resources, creating long-lasting partnerships. Achieved through its Time4Equity match making service, this powerful service for creating sweat equity relationships creates significant benefits for both parties.

Sweat equity has been around for decades but the Time4Equity innovation represents the first time the concept has been used to create a time investment platform. Recognising the potential of sweat equity, the team behind Time4Equity have created a forward-thinking business model that’s addressing a significant and rapidly growing market.

For cash investors, Time4Equity Ltd presents quite a unique and attractive opportunity – SEIS tax relief compliant in the UK. Time4Equity is raising an initial seed round of up to £150,000 and will then it will be using its own sweat equity service to multiply the effect of the investment.

David Charitos, Managing Partner of Light in the Cloud, said, “So far, sweat equity has been an underutilised tool in the investment market, changes that. The world has a growing population of highly skilled people with more and more time on their hands and an appetite to invest that time in something exciting like an early stage

business. Something that they can get their teeth into, something which may just give them a nice windfall.”

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