Valerie Moser Cotton Clutches Turn Accessory Into Wearable Art

Valerie Moser Cotton Clutches Turn Accessory Into Wearable Art

Valerie Moser has entered the fashion and accessory market, epitomising the creative design house format that the modern marketplace requires. Led by a talented, creative designer, Valerie Moser’s hero product is its range of contemporary clutch bags. Featuring vibrant, hand-drawn images printed onto a natural fabric, its selection of clutches turn an accessory into a wearable form of art, providing a practical yet fashionable outfit addition to see users through from day to night.

This year, Valerie Moser has announced the ‘Chaotic Bliss’ collection, new for 2017 – a graffiti-like collection with bold paint strokes, feminine figures and daring free-hand painting. Earthy tones such as khaki, turquoise and red prevail throughout, alongside accents of black, white and neutral tones. The beautiful mess of the lines make for creatively fun, edgy and intricate compositions. Like the rest of the Valerie Moser range, all bags are handmade to the highest quality, featuring motifs infused by the designer’s personality, printed onto a natural, tactile cotton fabric.

Valerie Moser commented, “Being trained in graphic design and typography, I am always drawn to fashion that is bold, daring and tells its own story. No other article enables such expression as a handbag. Even a simple, basic outfit can be injected with character with the bag that is worn alongside it. With this in mind, I created my range to enable my clients to portray their personality using the artistic designs that I create.”

In addition to its flagship clutch bag collection, Valerie Moser also creates beach bags and pareos. Regardless of its format, every accessory produced by the young, creative, casual brand is infused with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude, defined by its brave, graphic and expressive designs.

Previous clutch bag ranges from the leading fashion house take inspiration from all corners of the globe. Now, its 2017 ‘Chaotic Bliss’ collection heads back to Greece, capturing the country’s bustling personality with every pattern. It’s heavily influenced by South East Asian culture and aesthetics, namely Bali in Indonesia.

Ms Moser added, “The name Chaotic Bliss is my description of Bali which oddly creates a link with Greece, my home, as both places share this raw, beautiful, messy feel. Every visual element is absorbed and constitutes a source of inspiration for me as a designer.”

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