Vast Majority of Retailers Missing an Opportunity as Demand for Live Chat Rises

Vast Majority of Retailers Missing an Opportunity as Demand for Live Chat Rises

According to a new report, just 6% of retailers offer a live chat solution on their ecommerce site, but consumer demand for a 24/7 customer service facility is steadily growing.

Click4Assistance, the UK pioneer of live chat software, says that in today’s always on society, retailers are missing a trick if they don’t offer a live chat facility to website visitors.

The ability to answer questions from potential customers and consumers in real time, together with assisting with any difficulties they have via a live chat facility, can give companies of all sizes a huge advantage over competitors. Instant text-based communication allows shoppers to interact in a manner similar to a physical store visit, which makes problem solving and product recommendations a real time reality for digital brands.
In addition, nurturing consumer relationships in a live chat environment can make a huge difference to brand perception and can encourage repeat business. In turn, customer satisfaction rates increase as any queries or questions have been answered quickly, thus instilling trust and improving brand reputation.

Gary Martin, Managing Director of Click4Assistance said “With customers becoming more and more savvy and able to source products from all over the world, retailers must ensure they offer the very best customer service to not only attract new customers, but to retain existing ones. Payment card failures, cart abandonments and indecisive buyers are all examples of lost revenue, so having the ability to talk to customers 24/7 and respond to their questions and queries can make all the difference.

“Voice commerce is also on the rise through devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod, which allows customers to shop more quickly and efficiently than ever before, even while on the move. Toyota and BMW have, for example, been able to integrate the Alexa Voice System into their cars which means shoppers can now purchase their groceries from supermarkets such as Morrisons and Ocado directly from their vehicle.

“With 20% of households now having voice assistance technology, if retailers don’t adapt to this and offer a live chat service, their competitors who do utilise it will overtake them.”

Perry Braun Head of Digital at Harveys, uses Click4Assistance live chat software. He commented: “Click4Assistance offers our customers a fantastic service allowing our brand to have a real time relationship with our customers online. I am extremely excited by this partnership as we aim to be at the forefront of live chat developments and customer experience online.”

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