VIITTA Fashion Prepares for London Fashion Week Debut in The Iconic National Liberal Club

VIITTA Fashion Prepares for London Fashion Week Debut in The Iconic National Liberal Club

Dynamic, sustainable, and utterly innovative, the breakout fashion brand VIITTA will make its London Fashion Week debut this season at the week’s most sustainable and inclusive event.

Hosted in the iconic National Liberal Club, VIITTA Fashion will join a slew of inspiring designers in the London Represents show, a fresh and exciting initiative which brings diversity to the traditional LFW format. The show will showcase a range of emerging and established designers who are joined in their dedication to creating collections that work for people and the planet.

VIITTA Fashion will debut its newest collection on the London Represents catwalk. Expect to see a timeless capsule of eleven garments made using VIITTA’s signature macrame knotting technique. Inspired by the cultures of Africa and India, the eye-catching designs feature a range of versatile accessories, netted garments, and beachy silhouettes to put a creative twist on macrame fashion and show how easily it can be incorporated into a contemporary wardrobe.

Violetta (Vita) Onishchenko, Founder and head Designer at VIITTA Fashion, commented, “I’m so excited and incredibly proud to launch my newest collection at one of London Fashion Week’s most inclusive events. The 2022 VIITTA collection contains a range of garments that showcase the beautiful art of macrame and encapsulates everything that our brand stands for.

“Seeing my garments on the London Represents catwalk is everything I could have dreamed of for my London Fashion Week debut. It’s not just about fashion, but about sending a powerful and inspiring message to the world about beauty, fashion, empowerment, inclusivity, and sustainability – all things that VIITTA is very passionate about.”

The collection will inspire London Fashion Week audiences with its goddess-inspired garments, expert attention to detail, and beautiful homage to the craft of macrame. With an inclusive line-up of models, a DJ working on a special track for the show, and a beautiful collection of clothing, the VIITTA fashion show promises to be one of the hottest showcases of the week.

London Represents takes place on Saturday 17th September at National Liberal Club, SW1A 2HE. Doors open at 1.00pm with the first catwalk show beginning at 2.30pm.

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