Vintage Furniture Key Way for Boutique Hotels to Show Individuality

Vintage Furniture Key Way for Boutique Hotels to Show Individuality

Boutique hotels that want to capture a vintage feel and really stand out from chain hotels are being urged to head to auction houses across the UK by industry leader Pro Auction. Specialising in luxurious and unique furniture pieces, the brand explains that embracing the trend for vintage is a great way for those in the hospitality sector to show off individuality.

Consumers are increasingly looking for a touch of luxury when they travel and spend their hard earned cash without having to break the bank. Pro Auction, which has been operating in the industry for more than 20 years, is giving hotels a new way to get their hands on exquisite pieces from leading British designers. Dedicated to bringing authentic, beautiful pieces to market, the brand’s auctions are a must head to event for boutique hotels that want to offer something different.

Simon Rose, Director and Principal Auctioneer of Pro Auction, said, “Consumers often chose boutique hotels because they offer something different from the cookie cutter chains. Embracing unusual décor items, indulgent furniture, and eye-catching art is one simple way for exclusive hotels to stand out from the crowd and really show off their personality. A few carefully selected pieces can really lift the feel of the whole business, taking it from ordinary and bland to simply stunning.”

Pro Auction’s next auction in London is perfect for hotel owners. Showcasing an extensive collection of over 3,000 pieces from a leading British brand, which has yet to be revealed, the event will have numerous items that boutique hotels can use throughout their property. Taking place between the 18th and 20th July at the Furniture Makers Hall 12 Austin Fraiars, Pro Auction’s approach to digital means hoteliers all over the world can browse and bid on the items that catch their attention. Using a live webcast, online bidders will be able to access all the information they need and participate in the auction in real time.

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