Virtual accounting team offers London based SMEs way to slash costs

Berics Accounting have embraced the digital age to offer growing SMEs access to a professional, full service accounts department without having to pay a London premium. The extensive range of services enables small businesses based in the capital to cut costs by outsourcing their account departments virtually while still maintaining the level of service they offer customers.

Businesses that work with Berics Accounting have access to a qualified and dedicated in-house team of bookkeepers, credit controllers, and accountants. But despite outsourcing their accounting needs to professionals, their clients never need to know. All communications can be fully re-branded to show the firm’s own identity, ensuring continuity across all their operations, and each client has a dedicated phone line, answered in the client’s company name. The virtual accounts team mean SMEs have access to professionals that act as an extension of their firm without having to pay huge sums.

Jon Downey-Handley, Managing Director of Berics Accounting, said, “Balancing the books is a challenge that many SMEs are faced with and finding ways to cut costs can make all the difference between success and failure. Many businesses find that they don’t need a full-time accounts team but that outsourcing can prove just as costly. Through using our virtual service, businesses only need to pay for the time they actually need, helping to slash costs without compromising on their reputation or professional image. Customers effectively have a complete accounts team that operate on an on-demand basis.”

Berics Accounting uses a range of the latest technologies to provide a superior level of service. The team is 100% virtual, using cloud based systems and intelligent VoIP telephone systems, making them accessible and able to deliver the required service swiftly. The team behind the virtual accounts offering have a vast amount of experience supporting London based SMEs across a range of industries, including aiding mid-sized accountancy practices with managing their own credit control functions. Berics Accounting’s extensive experience and range of services means they can act as a one-stop solution for businesses seeking a professional partner to guide and support all their finance and accounting needs.

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