WaiterMate Debuts the World’s Fastest, Most Efficient Mobile EPOS

WaiterMate Debuts the World’s Fastest, Most Efficient Mobile EPOS

Revolutionary technology company, WaiterMate has launched the world’s fastest and most efficient mobile ePOS system. Powerful and pocket sized, it combines traditional ePOS functions with an integrated ordering system and payment processing functionality for speedier service, a greater volume of sales and better tips.

Designed for fast-paced hospitality venues, including restaurants, bars, cafes, and nightclubs, WaiterMate allows customers to be processed at a minimum of twice the speed of traditional systems. Every single waiter or waitress can serve customers and take payments at the same time. No bottlenecks during peak periods. No frustratingly lengthy waiting times. No jostling for use of the till or card machine. Just seamless customer service, efficient ordering, and lightening quick payments from any location within the venue.

WaiterMate empowers every waiter or waitress to serve their customers’ food and drinks noticeably quicker and to a higher standard. With more accurate order placement, seamless table management, options to split the bill, take payment and print receipts, they have a full EPOS system in the palm of their hand. Better service means better tips and a better customer experience.

During testing at a busy nightclub in Leicester, WaiterMate helped bar tenders set a record for revenue. The venue was looking for a solution that could help its business to scale, generate more profit and make life simpler for staff. WaiterMate exceeded all expectations. With the old system, each bar tender generated a maximum of £1,500 worth of sales per evening. With WaiterMate, that increased to £2,700. It’s a truly revolutionary piece of kit that is user-friendly and packed with functionality for customer-facing teams and managers alike.

For those in charge of the bigger picture, WaiterMate doesn’t just ensure a faster rate of table turnover, and improved productivity front-of-house. It’s also been precisely engineered to make complete venue management easier. The robust interface comes with enhanced analytics and truly useful reports, for easier staff management, easier data-based decision making, improved service quality and upgraded customer loyalty.

This functionality is the brainchild of WaiterMate CEO, Lee Nazari. “I grew up in the hospitality business. Today’s managers and waiters face a range of challenges. WaiterMate is designed to help them succeed, by making life easier for staff to help with productivity and retention, elevating the customer experience to encourage loyalty, and providing easy access to data and reporting for informed decision making.”

Multiple site management is also covered. Each venue can be reviewed independently or the whole property estate brought together to see the bigger picture. Those in charge have complete control and oversight of performance in real time or retrospectively.

Compatible with online ordering, WaiterMate integrates with UberEats, Deliveroo, Just Eat, App 4 and Delivery Hero straight out of the box. Payments can be processed via Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa or MasterCard and payment processing fees are almost 1% lower than popular alternatives. There’s no need to juggle multiple complex platforms and no challenging accountancy tasks. Everything needed is readily accessible from the pocket-sized device.

To find out more, visit: https://waitermate.co.uk.

View the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WX_mjBK7bDc  or follow on social @WaiterMate.