Wanted: Bilingual Butler to Stay in Character as Jeeves for Russian Family

Wanted: Bilingual Butler to Stay in Character as Jeeves for Russian Family

If one London-based Russian family gets its wish, Jeeves could be about to return to the capital. Jobs In Childcare, an online platform which helps families to find tutors, nannies and au pairs, has been tasked with finding an experienced bilingual butler, with a good knowledge of food, technology, geography, movies, and astrology to stay in character as Jeeves of Jeeves and Wooster fame while running homes in the UK, France, Italy and Russia.

As well as being a foodie, well educated with a good knowledge of movies and the sciences, the successful applicant must also be able to act and behave like Jeeves from the British comedy series around the clock to indulge the family’s love of the show.

In the series, Jeeves’ unique talents include his encyclopaedic general knowledge, his problem-solving mindset, his ability to quote literature and poetry at length, and an in-depth understanding of cocktail making.

Persuasive and magnetic, Jeeves is known for his quiet intelligence and his ability to take charge in any given situation. He takes the role of the butler — who traditionally manages the household — to new levels, becoming a guardian figure to the more naive and unworldly Wooster. The role is expected to suit a well-travelled, confident, and bold individual who is not afraid to insert themselves into the heart of this busy Russian family.

“We’ve certainly seen our fair share of what we call ‘exceptional’ opportunities, whether that’s in terms of salary, work location, or anything else,” says Jobs in Childcare Founder James Alger. “But this year especially we’re starting to see a new trend that takes ‘exceptional’ to a whole new level, with rapidly increasing demand for the more traditional household roles that come with very niche and specific requirements, but also with incredible rewards”.

As well as searching for Jeeves, Jobs In Childcare has also seen a huge rise in the number of Governess vacancies appearing on its recruitment platform; a role that was popular in the 1800s. Census information shows that 25,000 women were employed as Governesses in 1851, however the role largely disappeared in the 20th century, often only referred to in terms of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.

While roles such as this may seem demanding, the rewards for niche positions can be substantial. The successful Jeeves can expect frequent travel between London, Moscow and the South of France, in addition to a competitive salary of up to €6000 per month.

To find out more, visit: https://www.jobsinchildcare.com/job/6417/experienced-bilingual-butler-for-france-italy-uk-russia-ref-4602/